Bad Management – The Introduction

23 Dec
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This past spring, I re-entered the workforce with a new job offer.  There were reservations due to the low salary, so I took one day to make a final decision.  After consulting my friends, boyfriend and weighing the pros and cons, I bit the bullet and accepted the offer.

What should have been a joyful moment actually made my stomach turn.  What have I just done?  I can’t believe I accepted that low salary. I’ve been doing this type of work for years and now I’m set back.  Okay, it will be a regular paycheck, but…..damn…. That stomach turn was a sign of what was to come.

My first day was met with a single-person HR session. That meeting took about 1 hour and then I was given a meet and greet tour.  Next, I met my new boss.  She welcomed me and then proceeded to give  a 15 minute ‘welcome to the team’ introduction. After that, I was taken to my desk where I sat for 8 hours reading company materials and industry news.  This went on for a full month.

Here is my first issue.  I understand that the first couple of weeks at a new job is going to be easygoing.  The new folks have to get acquainted with the company and train for their role.  There is a problem if one spends a WHOLE month, just reading company materials and industry news.  There was training, however training consisted of “shadowing” with team members that had their own system of performing tasks.  Shadowing sessions were rushed most of the time because the department was seriously overwhelmed with work.

One particular day when I was “over it” with reading industry news, I offered to help some team mates.  This was met with an awkward non-response.  Okaaayyyyyyy.  Back to my desk for more industry insight.

There were red flags, but I ignored them.  Give it time, it’s just new job anxiety.  A week later I begin to express this to friends. “My manager seems a little…. standoffish,.  My friend replied that she could be busy. Yes, that was true. But, she was too standoffish when dealing with us new people.  I’m used to managers being a little bit more involved with new team mates – asking how everything is going, if they need help, having department training sessions, etc.

Now that’s two red flags on my list – standoffish manager and training, but not really training (for a whole month).

If you are a new manager, soon-to-be manager or would like to be a manager DO NOT lead and/or manage this way. On the outside it can look as if you don’t care and makes you appear unapproachable as a manager.  Trust me, it does.  If this is your style of leadership, you need the Good Reverend Doctor of Management 101.

On a positive note, good times happened during month 1 of surfing the net. I finally passed two certification tests that I spent most of my time unemployed prepping for.  After a string of bad run ins, something great had to happened.

Then it happened. There was something that began to bother me.  One of my team mates, who was 2 weeks fresh was not well liked.   In my first team meeting I witnessed glares, sneers and eye rolling towards him.  Scanning my new co-workers I thought, What. the. fuck. could he have done in two weeks to have half a team hate on him?  The behavior was noticeable and I was truly shocked at what I was witnessed.  Aren’t we all adults here? I feel as if I’m back in 9th grade.

Here I was, an adult back in 9th grade all over again. Telling myself to stay positive, I kept my head low and tried to remain positive. 

As the days went by, I continued to hope that I made the right choice.

Reflections on 2011 – 2012 Employment

16 Dec

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“When I think about my mental state in December 2011 compared to now, it’s such a huge difference!”, I exclaimed to a few people a week ago.

In December 2011, I felt that there would be no light waiting at the end of the tunnel.  At the time I was battling it out for the third time in one year with EDD.  I swallowed my pride and asked my dad for rent money. EDD put my check on hold for  nearly a month and I had $200 in my name. It was then, how I realized that the unemployment system can help you in hard times (to a certain extent) but also work against you in a major way.  If you work a PT job and make $100 for the week, you have to claim that money (especially if you filled out a W2).  

That money is then subtracted from your weekly EDD  payment. Once the government takes their share, they will also, stop your payment for a few weeks until you have an “interview” to discuss your “new” job. Overall, the general consensus was that it was better not to work a temp or PT job, otherwise EDD would put you in a bind.  Have rent due? Need to pay bills? Oh well, you will have to wait until you have  an interview.

Eventually, 6 months later, I got a job offer that ended up a bust.  The cycle of 2011 overlapped into 2012 and once again, I was in another dire situation.  Perhaps that was my fate.  The rough patch was pushing me  to start taking steps to move forward and out of something that was never fulfilling.

Since the 2012 job experience has been an interesting adventure, I’m taking  the next 15 days, to post what I encountered with new job #1.  Seriously, there’s a short story a-brewing somewhere. 

The Thanksgiving Epiphany

25 Nov

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No matter how hard I try, I cannot sleep past 7:30 am on Sundays.  So, here I am at 7:43 am blogging about my career status epiphany. 

The epiphany came to me 3 years ago but I placed the thought into the wee back corner of my mind.  During my layoff I spent a lot of time studying industry updates in order to become more marketable. After endless months of lackluster leads and disappointments, I knew that I was in a dead-end job.  I had known this for quite some time. I’ve asked myself many times, “what next?”.

My work is somewhat niche and LA is not a big market for this type of industry. Would I invite the idea of moving to another big city to do the same type of work? No. Did I notice how the same companies always advertise job leads within 3-6 months? Yes. Did I notice how hard and competitive it was to get another job in this field while unemployed? Yes. Would I want to go through that again? Fuck no.

This past Tuesday, I worked into early Wednesday. I had been up since 5 am.  As I blankly stared at spreadsheets, I realized that I had worked the same type of job for a looooonnnng time. Thoughts of why I continued on the same path began taunting me. 

The passion is not there. I don’t think there was ever a true, real passion. I came into my industry by chance as I think most people do.  What I liked was the creative part and analyzing data.  I still do, but I’m bored.  Now that I have a better job, the type of work still bores me. It was boring me 3 years ago too. Hence, the Thanksgiving epiphany.

What started as a temp job, became a career with decent pay, but no movement other than management or high tech.

Now that I’ve succumb to my boredom, I’m taking steps to prepare for a new start in a different career.  It’s time and long overdue. 

The boredom doesn’t affect my work and it will continue to stay that way. However, it feels good knowing that I’ve admitted what I knew all along.  And just like I took the steps to get out of a bad work environment, I will take the same steps switching careers.

Happy Sunday!

I Quit This Bitch aka Job Update

18 Nov

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Holy hell, I cannot believe that the end of 2012 is nigh! Lately I’ve had a touch of nostalgia.  Around this time last year, I was dealing with the death of my grandmother and issues with lingering unemployment.

Two months ago, I was depressed, confused and angry about my new job. Four months into it, I realized that it wasn’t a good fit. Near the end of September, I made the decision to resign after 4 months.

Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision accepting the offer.  Ironically this company reached out to me a year ago, then rejected me after I leaked my former salary.  One year later, they reached out again and I declined.  After a heart to heart with a long-termed unemployed, I changed my mind and reached out to them about the position. They welcomed me into their home and it was back to being employed.

What I witnessed was rude, condescending and backbiting attitudes. Along with that came a horrible commute and a low salary. My salary was worth the amount I received starting out in my industry 8 years ago.  Mentally, I couldn’t wait for Friday and I dreaded Sundays. There was a lot and I do mean A LOT of work for low pay.  Since I’ve left, more have started to jump ship.

The good news is that I made the decision to leave with a new job waiting for me.  I’m still busy as ever, but with a pay increase and slightly better commute.

Now I’m beginning to realize that my “career” is cycling through a slow death.  My passion for it is chipping off in larger chunks now.  My industry is also small and incestuous — I want to get away from that. The truth is that I’ve been bored for years now and it’s time to close a certain career chapter.

Let 2013 be onward to the new.

I Hate My Job Update

12 Sep

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I’ve really needed to get back into putting my thoughts back into the digital space.  Due to the fuckery that goes on at my current employer, I’m always too mentally burnt to have anything worth writing about.

Note to yourself – If a job zaps your energy to enjoy activities that normally bring you joy, you need to look for another job/employer.

Since I entered the workforce again in May, it’s been one hell of an interesting summer.  Not in a good sense either.   The past 3 months have taught me what one could possibly expect in a new job.  What I’ve witnessed is so bizarre that there are times when I repeatedly have to tell myself that I’m not crazy. I’m actually witnessing toxic boss behavior in action.  This is the type of shit I read on other blogs or career advice articles.

Note to yourself – If you feel anxious on Sunday nights, start feeling depressed and can’t enjoy activities your normally enjoy, it’s time to start looking for a new employer.

On some positive news, I have an interview. There were many disappointments last year during my job search, so this time around I’m staying mentally balanced.  All I can say right now is that when fate happens, sometimes you have to grab that chance. And that’s what I’m doing.

More news at 11……

I Hate My Job

6 Aug



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It’s been some time since I’ve written a post.  Creating this blog was meant to be a mental release for me when I was dealing with unemployment. 

I’ve been at my new job for 3 months now and I absolutely HATE it.  Other than a telemarketing job in high school, I can’t think of any other job where I’ve had this much disgust.  It’s not a good thing either.  When your mood drops from 10 to 1 in one month, that’s a serious issue. 

On Friday, I took a mental health day because I woke up with anxiety.  The past couple of weeks I’ve searched for articles on how to recognize that you are working in a toxic workplace culture.  I’m truly in one and I have to get out.  I don’t think I will last there 2 more months.   I noticed subtle signs earlier on because a now former (new) co-worker was covertly bullied by peers on my team and management. I’m working in a serious hostile work environment with incompetent management.

When you begin questioning your competence, especially when you’ve been in a certain field for years, that’s a problem.  There will be more to discuss later. I’m mentally preparing myself to go in today.

I’m planning an exit and I never thought I would say this but…  I am reconsidering applying at my former employer.  They’ve had issues keeping external hires so now they are looking for former employees that are looking for work.  Compared to my current job, this would be a dream situation, plus more money.

The grass is not green on my side.  It’s back to the job hunt once again.

Passive Aggressive Clients

16 Jul

Last week was the worst week on the job.  Maybe I’m overblowing it.  I can analyze things to the nth degree. Still new on the job and learning, I lost a client.  It came out of nowhere and it lingered on my mind all weekend.

After a client pulled a covert passive aggressive move, my ego took a bit of a hit.  I’m often wonder how long I want to continue in this career.

There must have been a miscommunication. Maybe I misheard something?  Who knows, but a client became concerned about me working with his account.  He told my boss that he wasn’t sure if I understood his business model or account.  Then I remembered bits of our discussion.  He kept making statements that he didn’t know if I understood his type of business.  I won’t even share what it is.  It’s insulting.

Hmmmm… I’m don’t recall saying that to him. Maybe I misheard?  We spoke about his latest project, I’m aware of what’s in his account.  My boss replied that stuff like this happens all the time with certain clients.  It was Friday the 13th and my mood was shot for the rest of the day.

That evening I vented to boyfriend about my shitty week and day.   Mid-sentence he stopped me and says.  “All that stuff you’re telling me about this and that goes over my head.  I know what it is. The client was passive aggressive, ” he says.

Huh?  He went on to explain that because I’m new and took over his account, the client was probably taking notes.  Perhaps I did something he did not like and he was waiting for the perfect moment to pounce.  The client, for whatever reason, did not want me working with his account.  I stressed that he could have called me out on the phone or asked me to reiterate.  “It doesn’t matter. He just did not want you to work on his account,”.

When you work in sales, you’re bound to come across a client like this.  Later, I took to the Nets to do some research on business fuckery.

Here’s  a nice article on how to identify and deal with different types of clients. For those struggling in customer service, read it, savor it.

Here’s hoping to a better week. Happy job hunting…..


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