California EDD Lies – A Fun Video

6 Jun

**courtesy of theo73caedd**

Last year while searching the Nets to see what other unemployed brethren had to say about EDD, I came across this video by theo73caedd.  I couldn’t find his e-mail on YT, so Theo, I’m broadcasting your video once again.  Sharing is caring!

This is the only video that he’s posted on YouTube.  Hopefully he didn’t end up homeless again.  He lays out all details of what one can possibly go through when dealing with California’s bureaucratic service.   When you start having issues with EDD, you do begin to feel that you are dealing with a bunch of idiots and liars.  I don’t blame the workers, I blame the executives that are running EDD.  Incompetence starts from the top and trickles down.

View it and learn a little something about the grand state of California.  Isn’t she beautiful?

Happy job hunting!

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One Response to “California EDD Lies – A Fun Video”

  1. Skindawg48 June 11, 2013 at 3:18 pm #

    Had been disqualified for 5 wks, never received overpayment notice just diqualificstion letter until claim expire.After had to start new claim,with one wk wait period.After two weeks actual wait period they began claim . 7 weeks unpaid for overpayment of $150 unreported income. No recourse on their own mistake.I feel your pain.

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