Resume Gut Check

17 Apr

Sample Resume. **The image converter messed up the centering of contact info.

Have you gut checked your resume or are you blindly sending without reviewing it?  After my layoff, Company X had career consultants help us with all things related to finding a new job.  My biggest concerns were my resume and the type of questions to ask during an interview.  I had some homework to do and it took me a month to get the final copy completed.

A friend of mine has been looking for part-time work and was shocked that she wasn’t getting any responses.  She recently had a recruiter contact her who was not so pleased with the formatting of her resume.  

“I haven’t really looked at it. I don’t know how to format. I usually just send it off. Can you check it and re-vamp it for me?,” my friend asked.  Okay, so I take a look.   “This is pretty bad and it needs some work,” I said.  I told her by the looks of her resume it showed that she didn’t care.  Especially if she was blindly sending it out without reviewing it. 

No matter how great you think you are as far as work skills, having an readable resume is one of the important steps to getting your foot in door.  Her resume made me wonder how many job seekers blindly send out resumes with horrible formatting and wonder why they are not getting calls. 

Remember this –  your resume is a marketing tool.  It gives employers a lead way into your background.  The interview is just to find out if you are an actual fit.

I later learned that it’s best to bullet point your accomplishments in a resume.  Use numbers and anything positive that helped you achieve a goal at your current or last job. 

Above is a sample of how I like to format my resume.   I don’t put accomplishments for every single role because my resume was reaching 3 pages.  To trim the fat,  I only list accomplishments for my last previous job.  Anything beyond that only gets a description of my former job role. 

When listing your bullet points remember this – is it a job role or an accomplishment?   If you’ve blasted out 100s of resumes and haven’t received a response, do a gut check and get started on some homework.  It is an employers market, but then again, people are still able to get interviews. 

FYI – Save your resume document as a PDF file!

Happy job hunting!

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