Film Shorts Friday

6 Jan

I’ve been a lover of film shorts since the wee age of junior high school. Great film shorts always leave you with more questions and fantasies about how the characters will continue to interact. Short films make you think.

Earlier this week I came across a blogger named Imported Chocolate and she posted the video to a 2-year old film short called Impasse. It’s from the Netherlands and it involves a silent chance meeting between an African girl and a white guy on a night train. Let’s just say it was the first time in a long time that I gasped out loud at an ending.


**courtesy of YouTuber steveymcdonald**

Mid-week, a friend of mine posted (on my FB) an awkward, dark comedy that features an upper-middle class African-American family. The short is titled Strange Things About The Johnsons. It’s strange indeed. The subject matter is about incest and manipulation with a twist. What’s refreshing is that this is a subject matter you would expect to see featuring a white upper middle class family.  It has a Todd Solondz vibe. I feel the same way about this short as I do with a favorite film of mine – Chuck and Buck. My thoughts always say, “should I be laughing?”. Also this one is NSFW.

Strange Things About The Johnsons:

**courtesy of  YouTuber zb8989**

The third short that caught my attention is Empire Corner. A Chinese guy rolls through the streets of Brooklyn to deliver an order of fried rice and chicken wings. It involves customer attraction and a beat down in an alley way. The interaction between the delivery guy and his customer is perfect!

Empire Corner:

**courtesy of YouTuber medium1012**

I love short films! Watch these and get inspired!

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