Job Resource Links – Spam or Phishing?

5 Dec

**courtesy of YouTuber asteriskblue**

“Is this a scam?”, Man Friend asked. Reading his e-mail, I realized that he must have applied for a specific position. His cover letter was attached.

Over the weekend, he received an e-mail from a  site called  Because the e-mail has a disclaimer, I won’t post it here. Basically the staffing associate thanked him for applying to the phantom position and says that in order to get access to the job and other listings, he needs to visit and register. Huh?

Playing Internet cop, I placed into my browser and went directly to their home page. The home page requests verification for a name and e-mail address. I made up a fake one and was taken to a second page that only listed job resource and work from home links. Scam? Not necessarily. Cause for spam or information phishing? Absolutely.

Data mining job resource links can be very misleading especially to those that are desperate for work. You have no idea who will have access to your information and some of these sites can look legit. My rule of thumb is that if there isn’t enough content on the home page and you have to go through too many steps to access jobs, it’s a data mining site. Most likely submitting your e-mail will give you spam, spam and more spam in return.

While Googling this site, I came across another domain called Their mission is to help full time students find part-time employment. It’s under construction, but they’ve added social media widgets for those to find out more information. I think their site is more legit.

Protect your information folks. If it smells or looks fishy, it’s fishy. Happy job hunting!

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